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Sunday, August 7th, 2016 10:53 am
I've convinced myself that the more something matters to me, the harder it is for me to talk about it. I'm sure you all have realised that I'm pretty tangled up in Zootopia since I saw it on March 17. I've actually held back on writing about it because I thought it would be too hard to put into words.

But I went back to flip through what I wrote the day after, and... it's actually pretty coherent. Some edits to the reaction for flow:

I'm glad I went to see this movie. It is my entire OTP kink in a nutshell. And it's a lot healthier than the usual characters I fixate on. Because while Judy Hopps has setbacks and parents who still can't connect with her no matter how well meaning they are, she... doesn't give up. She does her job and is a tryer and still makes good in a bad situation. And she's smart and uses her talents to turn her weaknesses into strengths. And she is a fighter, no matter her prey instincts. And she makes mistakes that are actually kind of irreparable but she owns up to it? Also she doesn't hop back immediately and she gets disappointed and down and then finally claws her way back up again. And she's allowed to rely on the guy without it weakening her, it's just a fact she got injured, plus she's allowed to be emotional without it being seen as wrong!!! Plus she's rewarded for doing the good things and she's got a really good mutual admiration thing going on with the mafia's daughter.

Also Nick! Nick is what I want in a male lead. Cute crafty smart talker who does actually have a hard outer shell, and the immediate later is crackly and smart but really has a heart of gold inside that's all gooey. Like a Snickers bar. But I like that he came from a bad place, but he still had dreams and even when he stuffed them all down he still had a talent for whatever he did and he did good at it. Just meeting this bunny doesn't weaken him straight off - he keeps his hard outer crust and puts her through her paces and doesn't let on that he actually admires her and when he stands up for her it's because his pain is actually quite similar. And that's how they click, two fighters in an unfair world. As Judy said, everyone is struggling and that's actually something to be admired.

But the both of them together! What I like about the couple is that they're both hard on each other, and that they came to their problems from very different places. But they're both willing to challenge each other on the other's level - Judy with the hustling and Nick actually being interested enough in the investigation to mull theories and provide good leads and Judy and Nick saving each other especially when Nick stood up for Judy and Judy being sympathetic to Nick's story without being patronising and THANKING HIM and apologising when she was wrong. And that Nick decided that he wanted in with Judy and signing up for the police force even when he was just fresh off hustling on the streets and they barely knew each other and she broke his heart almost immediately. But when they got back together? The lab and the running scene was just AMAZING. And now they're on the force together FOR GOOD.

When Nick says I know you love me and Judy Hopps pretending to mull and saying do I? followed by a confident I do. Reduces me to a puddle on the floor.

So it's probably BS that I can't write reactions immediately. Especially because Nick the Snickers bar is a comparison that is GOLD and would never have occurred to me now. Even if it's true. I should totally write more immediate reactions.

The only thing I have to add is that since the movie, I've dedicated 79,528 (published) words as variations on the above theme, which I should really catch up on updating. I have more waiting in the wings! This OTP gets me so hard that I have to keep exploring it through fic.