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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 10:27 pm
[community profile] three_weeks_for_dw mentioned a lack of squee, which made me jump up and down and go "I got squee! I have lots of it!" Ask and you shall receive. Several posts of it in fact =)

Although Star Trek XI is not THE fandom I'm in, but it is the fandom that got me into Dreamwidth, and so I have to start with it first.

How I got to know about it
I watched Star Trek in May 2009 last year as someone who had never watched Star Trek before - at all. I was a firm Star Wars fan, and Star Trek to me was something I was aware of but wasn't too sure what it was about. Then my f-list exploded with OMG STAR TREK 2009 is so awesome, and I had to check it out.


What I like about it

I - I know it was over-dramatic and len flarey and all but GEORGE KIRK. SACRIFICING HIMSELF FOR HIS CREW. Winona Kirk reminding that he should be there for them, as she should! And poor baby Kirk not knowing his daddy!

- Kid!Spock
Actually Spock in all flavours, but kid!Spock is particularly cute. He was all stoic in a way that made me want to pinch his cheeks, and made me fond of grown-up!Spock even when his Vulcan upbringing made him be an asshole. (I - I wanted to pinch his cheeks even then too.)

- McCoy
This is something I only picked up on the rewatch (too busy being DAZZLED by Spock the first time) but when McCoy/Karl Urban said to Kirk "I may throw up on you" my heart fluttered. And continued to do so each time he spoke. I SUSPECT MY BODY IS TRYING TO CONVINCE MCCOY TO GIVE ME (medical) ATTENTION.

- Awesome people being awesome
What I love about Star Trek is everyone showing competence at whatever they do. Yes they may mess up along the way, but eventually they all come round to FULFIL THEIR DUTY. And it's not just restricted to the dudes too!

- An ending that also opens up POSSIBILITIES
I love it when movies successfully end the story, but remind the audience that the possibilities for the characters after the movie are still wide open. Star Trek does this by having the characters save the day, get their positions and then proceed to GO BOLDLY WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE.

Where to find fic???
Fic for Star Trek XI was really the reason why I stumbled upon and grew to love dreamwidth. I first found my fic from the Star Trek tag on delicious. The Star Trek tag is generic enough so you can soak up both the original series and the new movie, but you can find more specific tags under related tags.

Then I found out about dreamwidth's site and journal search. You can find it under the explore set of links, and I've found it invaluable for digging up fannish stuff to read on dreamwidth. The tag cloud in the latest things feed is also very useful!

Here are some of the fics on dreamwidth that I've dug up from the sources above:

How to Win Friends and Influence Vulcans by [personal profile] green
Kirk tries to make friends. Too bad recipient of said friendship is Spock.

The Word for World Is -- by [personal profile] laurajv
A sad, heart-string pulling look at the Vulcan colony, after the ashes of a planet have been laid to rest.

Fine, Dammit!
Everyone thinks McCoy has been mindraped by mirror-verse Spock and is suppressing. McCoy is annoyed and lulz are had.

Singer of the Deep
It turns out that humans know more about Vulcan fauna than the Vulcans do.

And one more:
The 80/20 Theory As Applied to Cats on the Bed
This doesn't quite count because it's a fake-cut to LJ, but how can you resist a Kirk that sleep-walks to warm places (namely Spock's room) in his sleep??
Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 08:04 pm (UTC)
George Kirk is my hero. I had to go see this movie with a coworker, because none of the house at the time were interested. I made them watch it on DVD (and we had [personal profile] eisen by then who had seen it). It's still not my Trek, but I fully embrace it as part of the Trek as a whole. And yes, I am glad it didn't just reset to all as it had been before, because there are loads of possibilities there!

((Bones was my favorite adaptation. Though I give Gross credit for trying to live up to Lenard for his Sarek.))
Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 01:02 am (UTC)
TOS. Flavored hard by the original Pocket Books. In fact, I started Trek by reading the old Foto Novels of the episodes, then saw the Motion Picture before I ever actually saw a real episode ("Arena" was my first).
Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 01:21 am (UTC)
According to the wiki, there were only 12, but...my memory is telling me there were more. +shrugs+ Kid's memories versus the modern computer.