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Sunday, October 30th, 2011 03:57 pm
It's almost Halloween everyone! In the spirit of the season, I've put together 13 tracks about things that frighten me. Do they frighten you too?

Moon Rise
1) Rasputina - Bad Moon Rising
I see a bad moon rising
I see trouble on the way

2) Ra Ra Riot - Ghosts Under Rocks
Here you are, you are breathing life into ghosts
under rocks like notes found in pockets

3) Gloria Trevi - Psicofonia (Psychophony)
El fantasma y la loca se quieren casar
El padre de ella no lo quiere aceptar

The ghost and the crazy woman want to marry
Her father doesn’t want to accept it

4) Spiderbait - Ghost Riders in the Sky
He's riding hard to catch that herd, but he ain't caught 'em yet
'Cause you've got to ride forever on that range up in the sky

5) Shakira - She Wolf
Moon's awake now, with eyes wide open
My body is craving, so feed the hungry

6) Lady Gaga - Monster
He tore my clothes right off
He ate my heart then he ate my brain

7) My Chemical Romance - Vampires Will Never Hurt You
And if the sun comes up
Will it tear the skin right off our bones?

Creepy Urban
8) Rihanna - Disturbia
We're in the city of wonder
Ain't gonna play nice
Watch out, you might just go under

9) Florence + the Machines - Girl With One Eye
I said, hey girl with one eye
I'll cut your little heart out 'cos you made me cry

10) Matson Jones - A Little Bit Of Arson Never Hurt Anyone
I've got people to see
And places that I need to burn down
And people that I need to burn out of my head

11) Iron & Wine - Cinders and Smoke
Cinders and smoke, you'll ask me to pray for rain
With ash in your mouth, you'll ask it to burn again

12) Vienna Teng - Pontchartrain
Lake Pontchartrain is haunted:
Bones without names, photographs framed in reeds

Hoping for light
13) Shivaree - Goodnight Moon
Goodnight moon
I want the sun
If it's not here soon
I might be done

All the tracks can be downloaded here