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April 16th, 2016

fay_e: Text: If what they say is nothing last forever, what makes love the exception (what makes love the exception)
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 12:50 pm
Zootopia has not only eaten my brain, it's made me commit my first fic in a while.

This is an attempt to meld the present Zootopia with the previous collars storyline, although the method I chose to do it was inspired by Chinese ghost stories. Welcome to my brain ladies and gentlemen.

As I've only watched Zootopia once, liberties were taken in remixing the events and conversations, hopefully in fun ways.

Exorcist Blues (Wilde Spirit Remix)

Summary: In a Zootopia where animals and spirits dwell side by side, some animals turn into guardian spirits. Some go dark. Some types of animals go darker than others.

Judy Hopps should know, since she wants to be the first exorcist in a long line of rabbit mediums.

Or: A Zootopia remix in which Judy Hopps is an exorcist that specialises in hunting dark spirits.

Spoilers: Entire movie, since this is a remix
Rating: T
Genre: Gen
Warnings for: Supernatural elements, mythical beings and vague references to the Chinese Taoist religious system. Implied off-screen character death
Disclaimer: Not mine as I'm not smart enough to think of the collars storyline.

Is it evil spirits this time Mom? )

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