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Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 03:50 pm
Eames/Ariadne/Arthur - Curiosity killed the cat

Ariadne sits on the sofa chair, nursing a cold beer that's out of place with her gown. She's also lounging on the bed, running her fingers over the sheets. She knows without looking that they are silk - she made them after all.

"Do you remember," Other Ariadne asks from the bed. "Those assignments we used to do in school? Inane, trivial questions, like what I did during your summer holidays. What I dream of becoming."

Ariadne tunes herself out to watch her own fingers slide over smooth sheets. "I don't remember my fingers being that thin."

Other Ariadne smiles, and then her thin fingers are cupping Ariadne's face. Somehow she's closed the distance to straddle Ariadne, knees pressed into her sides by the arm rests. "There's many things you don't remember darling," Other Ariadne purrs. "Like your answer to this question: if I met myself, what would I do?"

Ariadne's mouth goes dry despite the beer. "What would you do?" she manages, despite a too heavy tongue.

Other Ariadne mulls over these words, fingers tracing Ariadne's face the way they were tracing silk a moment ago. "I think," she says, each word hitting Ariadne like the kick of alcohol behind every swallow of beer. "I would kiss myself."

Ariadne's laughter starts as a flutter from the bottom of her tummy that strains into nervous laughter through her teeth. Other Ariadne accepts it all - the laughter, Ariadne's lips. (250 words) She even takes Ariadne's tongue into her mouth, sucking on it gently before getting Ariadne to return the favour. The beer has mostly killed Ariadne's sense of taste, but she likes the feel of the other's tongue curled against hers. Other Ariadne seems to like it too, for they spent a few more moments indulging in lazy kissing before they break apart. Other Ariadne's lips are moist, pink and curved in a smile.

"How did you like your answer?" she asks, fingers sliding down the curve of Ariadne's neck. Ariadne has to bite her lower lip to keep from whimpering. "Did you like it as much as I did?" Ariadne nods as her double fiddles with the scooped collar of her gown. Her answer satisfies her double, who leans her forehead against Ariadne's to say, "Well, no one said a kiss had to be the entire answer."

Other Ariadne's hands reach their goal to cup around Ariadne's breasts, lightly squeezing until Ariadne is arching up into the warm palms. The other rewards her with a thumb flick across nipples, then nuzzles against the crook of Ariadne's neck. It takes a moment for Ariadne to realise that what she feels is stubble. She pushes at the other's shoulders, and it's all Eames that leans back to look at her, though the heat in his eyes has carried across the transition.(229 words)

Chapel/McCoy - You can take my breath away

A week after McCoy's mysterious call and Kirk's drunken stumble into her kitchen, Christine opens the door one morning and finds McCoy standing on her doorstep. Two duffel bags sit by his feet. He's wearing a dark blue windbreaker, which he stuffs his hands into when he sees it's her. "Chapel," he says.

"McCoy," she says back, then has to ask. "What brings you here this morning?"

He looks down at his boots - well-worn, like his comfortable jeans. "Well," he begins. If he had a hat in his hand, he might have turned it over to give himself something to do rather than look at their feet. "I'm leaving town soon. Thought you should know." At least he has the decency to look at her at the last part.

"Looks like you're leaving town right now. Kirk in that much of a hurry to leave?"

"No," McCoy is quick to answer, but the rest of his explanation comes slower. "Just me. Thought I should get out of town while I can."

Christine waits then, for an explanation of what he and Kirk were up to this past week, for a chance to tell McCoy that she knows exactly what he is, for the time to let McCoy know who she is. But he just stands on her doorstep with his hands in his pockets, as if Christine can read his mind. It occurs to Christine that he might want some privacy before making any declarations. "Do you want to come inside?"

That earns her a shake of his head too. "No," he repeats, as if the gesture wasn't clear enough. His hand comes out of his pocket as if to reach for her, and is quickly shoved back in again. "I really should get going," he tells her.

As a nurse Christine has had a lot of practice getting her temper under control, but she feels entirely justified in letting it fly this time. "Is that it?" she demands. "Just a quick goodbye so you can leave me behind without a twinge of your conscience? At least you could thank me for a good fuck - "

"Christine!" He does grab her arms then. "It isn't like that."

"It isn't? I guess I just imagined you all packed and ready to go - "

"God dammit woman, why do you have to make this harder than it is," he growls. He leans in enough to rest his forehead against hers. "If I had a choice I'd have packed you right in too."

"Well why don't you? Might be easier to understand than you telling me you need to up and go."

McCoy stares at her in frank amazement. Then he shoves her against her open door and proceeds to kiss all the objections out of her.

He eventually stops to say, "As tempting as that idea is, I don't think I've got a bag large enough to fit you."

"And I don't think I've forgiven you enough for that pathetic attempt at a goodbye to let you pack me in," she replies with mock sweetness. "What's gotten into you Leonard McCoy?"

The Great After
Summary: After the great heist, what comes next? Ariadne isn't quite sure.

Ariadne has never been a lucid dreamer.

She doesn't remember that fact until a few days later, after she spends many dreamless nights in a Los Angeles hotel. The best money can buy (and she has a lot of that now, thanks to Saito) can't buy her a good night's rest. She hadn't been to this part of the US yet, and figured why not? She would have the money, and she had the time of the summer holidays to enjoy herself.

Except she doesn't. She spends days on sun-lit beaches, goes on rides until even her mind is spinning, and strolls through quiet museums. But in the real world she can't turn sea water into wine, jump off a ride and fly or make infinite staircases in the museums. The only place in the real world she misses is a room in a cathedral, and Arthur looking up as she enters.

That room doesn't exist anymore - Ariadne helped to dismantle the equipment just before they left for the flight from Sydney. They might be caught Cobb explained, as if he spent all his days running from the law, and while the room could be compromised the equipment was too expensive to leave for the police to find. So Yusuf cleared his chemicals and Arthur cleared the chairs that they were always tipping him out of, and did indeed tip Eames out of one as he laughed at all of them in their frenzy. Ariadne cleared the machines and Cobbs cleared the one in the corner that he used to see his wife, over and over again.

So that room doesn't exist anymore. Except in dreams.

Ariadne tries to picture the room in her mind and try to keep the image with her as she falls asleep. It doesn't work - she closes her eyes one moment and wakes the next, sunlight sneaking in through the curtains. The short summer nights aren't long enough for her to dream. (329 words)