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Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 06:56 am
Title: A Hand that Meets My Own (Bleach, Accidental Marriage & Wingfic)
Summary/Preview: Masaki has a counteroffer to make Isshin
Content notes: Spoilers for the latest Bleach chapter, fluffy but sad.

They lay there side by side, like newlyweds on their wedding night.

Glad for the separate beds, Masaki rubbed her arm. If she rubbed it in the right way, she could feel the binding that Urahara had placed on her soul. The shopkeeper had not said anything about her being able to sense the binding. Maybe it was because she was a Quincy? Was it different for shinigami?

She turned to ask Isshin, but at that very moment he let out a tremendous snore.

The act was enough to make Masaki see red, and she did what her aunt was always berating her for - she let her temper get the best of her. She took hold of the bindings, wrapped her fingers in the taut strings, and pulled.

With a yelp, Isshin went tumbling off his bed and right onto the floor.

"So you do feel it," she said, more to herself.

"Of course I felt that! What did you do to yank me out of my sleep?"

"No-thing," said Masaki, and yanked again. The fit that Isshin went into made her laugh. "If you're going to react like that every time I pull on this, we're going to have a problem."

Isshin made a face that was endearing in its silliness. "So? After leaving Soul Society, every problem we face will be a small problem!"

What amusement Masaki felt faded when she was reminded of what Isshin had sacrificed to keep her as she was. "Do you already miss Soul Society?"

Isshin stopped rolling on the floor to look at her. "What? That place? It was full of rules and so stuffy. Everyone takes things so seriously and things move so slow! I'd rather be in the human world! Your lifetime moves so fast, I'll be back before I know it."

And there he was talking about returning again. He was just trying to make her happy, wasn't he?

"We might not look it, but Quincies are just as stuffy and serious too. I might just bore you to death with all the rules we have."

"You could never bore me."

Masaki could feel her face heating up, but she was determined to continue. "Well, of course I wouldn't let you get bored either! Before you get bored, I'll put on my Quincy glove, grow great big wings, and make an arrow large enough to pierce the heavens! Then you could go straight back to Soul Society through the gate I made."

"You can do that?"

Weren't shinigami supposed to be centuries old? The open and trusting look Isshin gave her looked like it was supposed to belong on someone far younger. It made Masaki nervous about lying about the Quincy glove. It would increase her powers, but - She shook herself. "Yes! Why don't I put on my glove and - "

Isshin took hold of her wrist. Unlike the bindings that bound their souls together, his fingers were warm. "But I'm not going back to Soul Society. Not until you've lived a good long life."

"I will!" said Masaki with a cheer she did not feel. "But with the glove, you could go back too!"

His voice dropped. "What else does the glove do?"

With that voice, he could have commanded men, entire troops. Wasn't he wearing a captain's haori? Perhaps this was a shinigami's true age finally showing. Against this greater force, Masaki had to look down at her hands and admit, "Urahara said that a shinigami was needed to balance my Quincy powers. If I take off my glove, that won't be a problem anymore! Even my Hollow can be balanced, because - " Because I'll be human, Masaki meant to say.

Isshin doesn't let her finish. "I wouldn't ask you to do that."

Why was his image so blurred? Masaki rubbed at her eyes and the treacherous tears as he continued talking, "No, I wouldn't let you do that. In fact, I'm really mad that you suggested it! How am I supposed to pay off my debt when you want to do stupid nonsense like that?!"

"And leaving Soul Society isn't stupid nonsense?" Masaki has to retort. "You don't have to go to such lengths to repay your debt!"

"My way is perfectly and totally fine, it's your suggestion that's dumb."

"No, it's yours!"

"No, it's yours!"

Masaki couldn't help it. She had to laugh at their ridiculous exchange. She laughed until she ended up sliding off the table. Isshin had to prop her up to stop her from rolling around on the floor. She did love to laugh.

Eventually she stopped and just leaned against Isshin. The binding between them hummed.

"You know, for Quincies this sort of binding means that you are married."

Isshin went stiff. "Is it too late to ask you to open the gate?"

She punched him.

Later, after a few words with Urahara, Isshin found himself the owner of a fake body with wings.