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Saturday, January 28th, 2017 03:05 pm
Since I began using a bullet journal this year, and I just joined the [community profile] bujo comm on using/ learning to use bullet journals, I figured I might as well talk about how I use my bullet journal.

The basic tools of a bullet journal can be found in this one page bullet journal reference guide.

Despite the suggestions of most of the bullet journal community and the guide, I don't use a lot of the elements of the bullet journal.

A lot of the community has suggestions on the notebook to be used. I literally grabbed this notebook that was lying on my desk since a few birthdays ago. Here it is in a fancy café pic:

The bullet journal reference guide recommends having an index, a future log, a monthly log, a daily log and all the bullets/signifiers that you use in a log. I've gone a little to the side on all of these.

I have an index, but it's at the back of the book. I always run out of space because I have a lot of interesting entries that I wanna keep track of, and I never leave enough space in front.

My future log and monthly log are digital, because I need digital alerts on my appointments, and it gives me the leeway of copying things as needed. Evernote is my digital app of choice for its layouts (downloaded from the Evernote templates site). Here's a sample for parts of January.

Only my daily log sticks to the original. I have these bullets/signifiers: circles for events, dots for thoughts/accomplishments, and boxes for to dos that have more than one step. If I've done one step in a multi-step to do, I draw a line across the box. When I finish, I convert it to a ticky mark (because ticky marks are nicer than crosses). You can see a converted ticky mark for the Water tracker.

I'm a lot prouder of my goals page, based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People...

My project planner, which I use to keep track of long term projects week by week...

I also have a monthly habit tracker for building habits related to my heart, mind and body!

I hope you had fun reading this, and you'll be inspired to do your own version of a bullet journal.


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